Belinda Fox

Starting her career 14 years ago in life and health insurance, it didn’t take long for Belinda to decide to add full financial services to her resume. While studying Finances at Kaplan University, she was distressed to see how people’s investments were handled during the 2008 market crash. This disgust made her realize that insurance services alone couldn’t protect her client’s way of life. Having complete financial services available (such as insurance to investments) was the only way to safeguard her clients’ financial futures. Since Fall of 2009, it has been her mission to help clients protect their assets from another devastating market crash.

After working 12 years for a Fortune 500 company, she was tired of fitting people into the cookie cutter, impersonal financial packages that were offered. Taking matters into her own hands, RT Solid Financial Services LLC was born. By starting her own company, Belinda is able to design personalized investment planning and retirement strategies based on each client's unique needs. Understanding what is most important to you and your family is her primary focus. This enables her to tailor your investments and achieve your evolving financial goals. This approach gives financial independence to families who want to set themselves on that path.